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Since 2013, Instant Theatre has empowered thousands of students to unleash their inner creativity in performance and life through our improv comedy and dramatic theater classes. We truly believe that anybody can become confident and funny on stage, and that every team can benefit from sharing the joy of the Agility/Improv mindset. We also help make events more memorable with our improv parties.

Improv Comedy is the art of spontaneously creating hilarious situations, memorable characters and moving stories collaboratively, in real time, without a script. Not only is it funny, it fosters deep listening, presence, spontaneity and self-confidence.


The skills and processes of improvisation are also used in business as a way to develop better communication, creative problem solving, and supportive team-work.

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Our Instructors

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Summer Banks

Summer Banks has been improvising since 2009, when she joined ComedyShorts Berlin. She is the founder of the Berlin English Improv Network, and a founding member of the improvised musicals group Rollercoasters. She has performed and taught all over Europe and the U.S. She co-developed the semi-improvised form Drunk Classics, now playing to sold-out audiences in both Berlin and Madrid. She has studied at the Second City summer institute in Chicago.

Photo credit: Mildred Klaus


Tina Marie Serra

Tina is an off-leash American who settled in Berlin after working at universities all around the world. She performs regularly around the city with ComedyShorts and her all-femme longform team, Rhymes with Witches.


Andrew Rae Lefoley

Andrew is a life-long introvert who found his confidence and voice through Improv. Now he's on a mission to empower others to find theirs. He performs at venues all over Berlin with his improv teams Daddy Issues and ComedyShorts Berlin.


Allesandro Casadio

Allesandro (Alex) has 19 years’ experience as an actor, director, writer and musician. He has performed, produced and/or directed dozens of productions ranging from Shakespeare and Checkhov to contemporary experimental pieces. He has seven years’ experience as an acting and improv teacher and is the founder of Instant Theatre Berlin. He is also the author of the well-received acting theory book “...And Acting for All.”

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